Judith Weissengruber - Musician, Pedagogue

Right education is to help you to find out for yourself what you really, with all your heart, love to do. It does not matter what it is, whether it is to cook, or to be a gardener, but is something in which you have put your mind, your heart.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


Judith Weissengruber

Making music, playing an instrument or singing can give you the deepest satisfaction – whether it is performed professionally or as a leisure activity. I have been teaching people aged from 8 to 60 clarinet and saxophone for several years. When teaching I try not to focus on your performance but rather on your connection to creativity and inspiration. Whatever personal reason we have to make music - our goal is the same.

Music connects people – that's why the personal relationship with my students is so important to me. My intention is to meet my students with respect, because they learn especially from me as a human being; my duty is to teach methods and techniques to express their own musical words.